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Please HELP!

Would appreciate some feedback critiques of the three photos above (Pattie and George at Kenwood photographed by Henry Grossman in late March 1965).

My old computer died in December and I’m now getting used to Windows 8 and a new Photoshop program. I was shocked when I saw how my old scans looked on my new monitor. On the old one they looked perfect, but on the new one they look very light and washed out. I remember I often thought many photos I saw online were very dark - now those look perfect on my new monitor. So I’ve adjusted my new monitor and computer so that what I scan looks the same on the monitor as the original image (hopefully that will be the best balance for most people). So, before I scan and post new photos I’d like to know what others are seeing?

Of the photos above which one looks the best - not too light or dark, but just right?

Photo #1 - This photo looked good on my old monitor, but on the new monitor it looks too light and washed out. Is this what you are also seeing?

Photo #2 - This photo looks just right to me now, but on my old monitor it was very dark. Does this one look the best to you?

Photo #3 - This photo looks too dark to me now, but before I adjusted my new monitor and computer it looked normal. Does it look dark to you?

Please post your replies in either my Ask/Mail box or just add comments to your re-blog of this post. Thanks in advance for your time!  

in your PAttie groups and posts we always have seen the pics as the first one, we really like the version 2 or 3, the first one is very pale….











all my followers need to know who this is

this makes me die a little inside.

missed by millions

aw this picture

I don’t actually know who this is.
But from what I’ve heard, he says ‘Crickey’ a lot.

Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter. He was an Australian wildlife expert and had his own TV shows, he died 7 years ago, while filming a documentary, when a stingray pierced him through the chest. He left behind his wife and children.

And yeah, ‘Crikey’ is his catchphrase. I loved this guy. RIP

HE DIED 7 YEARS AGO?! How old do I feel…

this makes my heart hurt! and holy shit 7 years already? 

7 years ago? Oh my god :(


(Source: thevaulthunter)

1984, March 12th - Lee at New York Hard Rock Cafe with mum Maureen Cox, her boyfriend Isaac Tigrett and brother Jason Starkey.

On the caption, we can read: “Tigrett stole a few moments to commune with his steady of eight years, Maureen Starkey (Ringo’s ex), and her kids, Jason and Lee, 13. “She’s the sweetest woman on the planet.” says Isaac”.

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