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I read some of the Demri tribute sites and saw my name (meggsaladsandwich) on them in the credit sections. I think that’s cool, that made me happy (and put me in a sharing mood.) What I have learned about Demri through her bffs makes me know, without a doubt, that she would love the attention and her photos being out there for the world to admire. R.I.P. Dem and Layne



En este mundo, a pesar de tanta maldad, existen personas que les queda ese gramo de humanidad y ellas son las que hacen posible que la esperanza renazca en momentos oscuros y la felicidad vuelva a brillar.

Me enorgullece decir que estas fotos son 100% de Chile no, no es por que sea de Chile, si no por que admiro, que apesar de todo el caos que según se dice existe, haya personas capaz de transformar a este hermoso animal.

I’m crying

poor baby!! We’ve cried too… first of sadness and impotence… then of joy <3

We’ve scanned some of the beautiful photos of Shannen’s book ‘Badass’ for our facebook page we run for her. Please, go and like it now!

Don’t remove the tags nor change the source. If they annoy you go and buy a copy of the book and scan it yourself. Thanks for your comprenhension.


Strange Brew: An outfit inspired in 1967

When psychedelia and flower power woke-up, here on this one i’d basically try my best to gather some of the most iconic elements of that year in fashion, music and aesthetics like records of that year,flowers, peace signs, art, paisley clothes, brown tones in skirts and high gladiatior looking hippieish enough, daisy jewerly, flower crowns, peace signs, an indian-themed green bag and light-sweet make up to give you a natural look. If i don’t this year as one of my favorite cultural years of all time that wouldn’t be a complete list to be honest: it had society booms, colors, musical creativity, well there would be LOTS of creativity everywhere back then. It’s also one of my favorite years of the 60’s as well <3, named after Cream’s song of that year.

I never saw the breakup coming between Pattie and George. Pattie was so sweet, and around them everything seemed magical. If they were having fights, no one knew it because there was never any sharpness between them. One time we were flying back to New York from California for the Bangladesh concert and George told me that he couldn’t have a family, that he couldn’t be a father, which turned out to be untrue if you’ve ever seen his son Dhani. But he blamed it all on himself. That was the kind of person he was.
Al Aronowitz on George Harrison and Pattie Boyd; Here Comes The Sun by Joshua M. Greene (via thateventuality)
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