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Ever wondered why the Nazi officers’ uniforms always looked so crisp and well-tailored? Yep, that’s the reason. And no, Mr. Boss wasn’t forced into designing those uniforms, it was his own initiative.

Personally, I’ve never bought anything by Hugo Boss and never will.

And there were more, like Hoffman (the today photos album maker) and Wolkswagen, who also worked for the nazis.

Demri, She was the First Lady of the era, who never associated herself with grunge or any group or any person, but with love, and who wanted to stand on her own accomplishments- not with Layne or Grunge-in fact she never once mentioned Layne or dropped names to me ever- She was as real & true as the day is long, and is why she is so loved today after all these years.
Jack Plasky (via courtneysgrrrl)

Bebe Buell: The best line in the whole movie is when Frances McDormand goes, ‘Rock stars have captured my  son.’ The other great line is, ‘It’s all happening.’ Isn’t that from Kim Fowley and Rodney Bingenheimer?

Cameron Crowe: You’re exactly right. I got it by way of Michelle Meyer.

BB: She was the best! They’d all go ‘It’s all happening. Godhead! Godhead!’

CC: I forgot about ‘Godhead!’ Damn! (x)

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